I am an Atlanta based photographer specializing in fine art landscape, architectural and artwork photography. Working in both black & white and color, my landscape images are an expression of my lifelong love for the wonders of our natural world.

Void of color our world is reduced to it’s essence of form and texture and my black and white landscape images are an exploration of this monochromatic world of patterns, shapes, tones and textures; a search for form and texture as found in the natural world. I am particularly drawn to exploring the environment for naturally occurring geometric patterns and to capturing the myriad different textures found in nature, both tactile—hard, soft, rough, smooth, sharp, grainy, and visual—translucent, misty, foggy, wispy. 

My color work - in addition to exploring form and texture  - uses color itself as the essence of the image. The colors being as, or sometimes more, important than the actual subject matter of the photograph. My color Landscapes In Motion series explores the illusion of motion in otherwise static landscapes.

Although I use modern digital equipment to capture and process my images I am, at the core, a traditionalist and use the "digital darkroom" to perform only traditional darkroom and film techniques such as dodging and burning, tonal adjustments, contrast control and color balance and vibrance to create the image as I visualized it in the field.

My architectural work draws on my over twenty year career in design/build construction to apply the same creativity, professionalism and architectural design knowledge learned during those years to capture and present your property at it’s very best.  Please click on the Architectural Image Galleries link to see samples of my architectural work and clients.

If you are a festival artist, I offer a professional booth photography service along with individual artwork photography. The Artwork Photography Gallery will link you to image samples and pricing information for these services.

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